Michael Malarkey returns with his 'Indie-laden Americana' (Alt Press) second album 'Graveracer' follow-up to 'Mongrels' (2017). Graveracer tells stories that give us hell and gives us hope. First single 'Graveracer' is reflective without nostalgia, forward-thinking without urgency, deeply rooted in the present: a raw vignette, a portrait of one human as a work in progress, as we all are. 'A portrait of what it means to be human' (Billboard)

Track List:

1.1 Graveracer
1.2 Shake The Shiver
1.3 Sea Of Red
1.4 Damage Me Deeply
1.5 Tripped Out Of Heaven
1.6 Pale Blue Heart
1.7 Love Is Not A Thing To Burn
1.8 No Good To No-one Now
1.9 In Love And Death
1.10 Bad's Been Good To Me

Label: Cap on Cat Records

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