From the acclaimed team that brought you the smash hit game Nuclear Throne comes MINIT, a delightful and delirious 8-bit romp. Universally loved and acclaimed, this unique twist on adventure gaming has become one of the breakout games of the year. Loaded with chiptune madness, Jukio Kallio's original score is an infectious collection of songs that will linger on your brain for weeks. This limited edition release is the perfect collector's item for all MINIT fans, as well as a brilliant piece of stand-alone music that can be enjoyed by all. Featuring black and translucent clear vinyl and brand new artwork by Justin Chan.

Track List:

1.1 Cursed Sword
1.2 Minit's Awakening
1.3 Sabasabe Desert
1.4 Alarming Swamp
1.5 Resort Island
1.6 New Home
1.7 Sword Factory
1.8 Sharp Business
1.9 Flushed
1.10 Scabbard
1.11 Ghost House
1.12 Jukebox - Intro
1.13 Jukebox - Country
1.14 Jukebox - Pop
1.15 Jukebox - Speed Metal
1.16 Jukebox - Classical
1.17 Jukebox - Happy Hardcore
1.18 Jukebox - Stadium Rock
1.19 Jukebox - Jazz
1.20 Jukebox - Black Metal
1.21 Jukebox - Trance
1.22 Jukebox - the Best Song
1.23 Item Get

Label: Ghost Ramp

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