On the significance of the project title, Junior states that "Peace is something I dream of. It's something I wish for." Junior has also chosen to share a poem by his sister, Selena Francis, which conveys a message similar to the themes expressed throughout the EP: I can only tell stories about peace / It's been so long I forgot how to make a home inside the tender beast that is tranquility / I can only paint the image of my mind at ease / As though my thoughts are the sun and they burn and shine under pressure / That my mind gets to rest every evening and set easily on scathing eyes... / Blushing hues of lilac and pearly white / And when the worries escape my DNA as if I am what they made / I get to be cool like the moon caressed by midnight / Wishing on stars, to make my shine strong / Strong enough to lighten the dark / Soft enough to gently kiss the skin / Enough to leave a glow / And no longer burn the cold. - "Peace" was the fastest selling VMP Rising release since Still Woozy. - Junior Mesa has received strong radio support, including spins from KROQ, Sirius XM's Alt Nation, and GO 96 in Minneapolis. Debut single "All Or Nothin" featured as KCRW's Today's Top Tune. - Debut single "All Or Nothin" featured in the following official Spotify playlists; Feel-Good Indie Rock, Bedroom Pop, All New Indie, LatinX Indie, Fresh Finds. - Track/Video/EP write ups include Buzzbands LA, Remezcla, and NPR

Track List:
1.1 All or Nothin
1.2 3 Am
1.3 Long Title
1.4 Intergalactic
1.5 Far Out
1.6 Ordinary

Label: Nice Life Recordings

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