The time between albums for any band or artist usually comes with a few minor twists and turns at a minimum, or in the case of Jr Jr (f.k.a. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.), quite dramatic ones. Since the release of their last full-length in 2015, the band fronted by Josh Epstein and Daniel Zott fought their way out of a major label deal, assessed certain lifestyle choices affecting one's mental health, and in Zott's case, fostered to adopt two children only to be surprised with a biological one as well within the span of three months. It has been a wild ride, and it only makes Jr Jr all the more proud to announce the formation of Love Is EZ Records in partnership with Secretly Distribution. The newly minted label's first release will be the band's forthcoming double album Invocations / Conversations, due out May 31st. The aforementioned challenges and life events, as well as the calamitous political and social upheaval that has taken place over the past few years, are just a few aspects of the beautiful, complicated, and messy story behind two discs worth of excellent, introspective, and emotional songwriting.

Track List:

1.1 Day in, Day Out
1.2 All Around You
1.3 Pull You Close
1.4 Holding on
1.5 Twice As Hard
1.6 Wild Child
1.7 Won't Last Long
1.8 Too Good to Be True
1.9 NYC
1.10 Low
1.11 Dumb Myself Down
1.12 Big Bear Mountain
1.13 Bad Dreams
1.14 Young Forever
1.15 Rip RNR
1.16 Fade Out

Label: Love Is Ez

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