Daniel Johnston's major label debut Fun was originally released in 1994 on Atlantic Records while he was housed in a mental institution. Featuring some of Daniel's finest songwriting and boasting the most "accessible" sound of his eccentric and deep catalog, producer Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers) eloquently preserves the singer/songwriter's earnest appeal and wraps it in sympathetic musical support. The aspiring cartoonist's playful, symbol-heavy sketches have graced many of his album covers, including Fun.

Track List:

1.1 Love Wheel
1.2 Life in Vain
1.3 Crazy Love
1.4 Catie
1.5 Happy Time
1.6 Mind
1.7 Contorted
1.8 Jelly Beans
1.9 Foxy Girl
1.10 Sad Sac + Tarzan
1.11 Psycho Nightmare
1.12 Silly Love
1.13 Circus Man
1.14 Love Will See
1.15 You Through
1.16 Lousy Weekend
1.17 Delusion + Confusion
1.18 When
1.19 I Met You
1.20 My Little Girl
1.21 Rock 'N' Roll / Ega

Label: Org Music

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