One of the leading artistic figures of the underground alternative rap movement, ITSOKTOCRY, proudly presents his newest album now available on both CD and vinyl!Includes the viral single "Viagra," which has racked up over 3 million total streams plus the wildly popular singles "Jirachi," "Lil Lock Pick," and "Bi-Polar Freestyle!"Videos from this album have been premiered on the Astari YouTube channel (over half a million subscribers) and Trash YouTube channel (1.7 million subscribers)!Available on CD as well as GREEN vinyl with 2 bonus tracks that have never been released on physical media!

Track List:

1.1 Jirachi
1.2 Mojojojo
1.3 Viagra Feat. 909Memphis
1.4 Stukk Bwoi
1.5 Romeo Swajjur
1.6 Trust Issues Feat. Ca$Hrina
1.7 Mukbang My Wrist Feat. Nick Prosper
1.8 No Genre
1.9 Lil Lock Pick
1.10 Kinkos
1.11 Bi-Polar Freestyle
1.12 Murder Me Slowly (Bonus Track)
1.13 Ego Death (Bonus Track)

Label: Cleopatra

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