Vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release. I Prevail return to dominate the rock and alternative world with their second full-length album Trauma. Produced by Tyler Smyth (Falling In Reverse), this album continues to expand upon the band's style, entrancing hooks, and powerful music breakdowns. Features guest appearances from female vocalist Delaney Jane and hip hop artist Justin Stone. Leading the way with dual singles - a moving "Breaking Down" and hard-hitting "Bow Down".

Track List:
1.1 Bow Down
1.2 Paranoid
1.3 Every Time You Leave (Feat. Delaney Jane)
1.4 Rise Above It (Feat. Justin Stone)
1.5 Breaking Down
1.6 Doa
2.1 Gasoline
2.2 Hurricane
2.3 Let Me Be Sad
2.4 Low
2.5 Goodbye
2.6 Deadweight
2.7 I Don't Belong Here

Label: Fearless Records

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