Dayton Ohio has another unlikely hero in it's underground punk scene; self-proclaimed "Spooky Punk" band Houseghost. The bands new self titled debut album sees an official vinyl release courtesy of Rad Girlfriend Records. This Record shows a great combination of the horror tinged lyrics with raw energy and pop sensibilities. Brilliant production from Micah Carli (Hawthorne Heights) highlights the bands performance. Ranging fom dark and melodic, to angry and beautiful, Housghost covers all of their basest adding variety and depth to the track list. As a whole the album demands attention with it's emotive power while retaining the aggression and creative spirit of classic punk bands. Houseghost takes a combination of styles and runs with them to create an innovative final product. Great hooks and unorthodox song structures are on full display with interesting chord progressions and powerful drumming. The dynamic brother-sister vocal duties compliment the dark sound of the record adding too the spooky and passionate lyrical content. You can expect great Vocal harmonies, crunchy guitar tones, crushing bass and absolutely punishing drums coming together for one of the most cohesive, intriguing punk albums of the year. Think Misfits meets Sleater- Kinney

Track List:

1.1 Book of Shadows
1.2 Darling
1.3 No Fun Summer
1.4 Hollow Hallway
1.5 Marceline
1.6 Zozo
1.7 Houseghost
1.8 In a Box
1.9 Hazel
1.10 Deep Inside Your Heart of Hearts
1.11 Widdershins
1.12 Turn to Dust
1.13 Yellow Wallpaper

Label: Rad Girlfriend

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