Vinyl LP pressing. Musicologist Sam Charters recorded legendary, Texas country bluesman Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins in 1959 before the revival of rural blues or country music. Nonetheless, this recording of Hopkins's first acoustic sessions was met with immediate critical acclaim and soon became recognized as a blues classic. This vinyl reissue is part of Folkways Records' 70th anniversary celebration series, revisiting some of the most iconic and influential albums released on the record label, starting with Lightnin' Hopkins, Woody Guthrie and Jospeh Spence. Remastered from the original 1959 LP master tapes and presented in classic Folkways style with a tip-on jacket featuring original liner notes.

Track List:
1.1 Penitentiary Blues
1.2 Bad Luck and Trouble
1.3 Come Go Home with Me
1.4 Trouble Stay 'Way from My Door
1.5 See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
2.1 Goin' Back to Florida
2.2 Reminiscences of Blind Lemon
2.3 Fan It
2.4 Tell Me, Baby
2.5 She's Mine

Label: Smithsonian Folkways

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