SUB POP Marika Hackman COVERS Such introspection has earned Hackman her name. Her folkie 2015 debut, We Slept at Last, was heralded for being nuanced and atmospheric. She really found her footing with her last release, I'm Not Your Man-which earned raves. With Any Human Friend, boundaries are no longer an issue for her. "I sent 'all night' to my parents and they were quite shocked," she says of the paean to the flesh, dressed as a sweetly harmonic track. Sharing intimacies with her parents makes sense when you consider she wrote "the one"-a portrait of the artist amid identity crisis where she crashed after a painful break-up with a longtime friend.

Track List:
1.1 You Never Wash Up After Yourself
1.2 Phantom Limb
1.3 Playground Love
1.4 Realiti
1.5 Play
1.6 Jupiter 4
1.7 Pink Light
1.8 Between the Bars
1.9 Temporary Loan
1.10 In Undertow
1.11 All Night

Label: Sub Pop

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