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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release. Zeppelin Over China is a major and majestic work in the GBV canon, spotlighting the scope and genius of Robert Pollard's songwriting. With thirty-two songs in 75 minutes, the massive double-album Zeppelin reaches lofty heights on it's musical journey. Pollard continues to deliver endless invention and emotional wallop in two and three-minute guitar rock gems. Pollard has assembled his greatest supporting cast ever-Doug Gillard (guitar), Kevin March (drums), Mark Shue (bass), Bobby Bare Jr. (guitar) and Travis Harrison (engineer)-and this line-up's virtuosic talents spur him to his most ambitious work yet, a grand album of emotional resonance and narrative drama. After well-deserved acclaim for the mind-boggling milestone of Pollard's 100 career albums, Zeppelin Over China is a wonderful entry point for new listeners to experience Guided by Voices for the first time. Not resting on his laurels, Pollard's tireless tenacity pays off with spectacular results.

Track List:

1.1 Good Morning Sir
1.2 Step of the Wave
1.3 Carapace
1.4 Send in the Suicide Squad
1.5 Blurring the Contacts
1.6 Your Lights Are Out
1.7 Windshield Wiper Rex
1.8 Holy Rhythm
1.9 Jack Tell
1.10 Bellicose Starling
1.11 Wrong Turn on
1.12 Charmless Peters
1.13 The Rally Boys
1.14 Think. Be a Man
1.15 Jam Warsong
1.16 You Own the Night
1.17 Everything's Thrilling
1.18 Nice About You
1.19 Einstein's Angel
1.20 The Hearing Department
1.21 Questions of the Test
1.22 No Point
1.23 Lurk of the Worm
1.24 Zeppelin Over China
1.25 Where Have You Been All My Life
1.26 Cold Cold Hands
1.27 Transpiring Anathema
1.28 We Can Make Music
1.29 Cobbler Ditches
1.30 Enough Is Never at the End
1.31 My Future in Barcelona
1.32 Vertiginous Rafts

Label: GBV Inc
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