Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown (Orange Sundown/Limited Edition) Vinyl LP


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Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown (Orange Sundown/Limited Edition) Vinyl LP

Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown (Orange Sundown/Limited Edition) Vinyl LP

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Expected: 9/29/23

Approaching its 50th Anniversary, Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown album was not only an artistic achievement but also an amazing success as it was his very first #1 album in the U.S. The 1974 masterwork included the very popular title track "Sundown" as well as the amazing follow-up hit single "Carefree Highway."

As the album would become one of the biggest selling album albums of the year, Gordon would continue his reign as a world class artist, furthering an incredible career that would last for many more decades.

The album would include more Lightfoot classics like "High and Dry," "Too Late for Prayin'," and "Seven Island Suite," as well as his stunning holiday classic "Circle Of Steel."

Gordon included a number of special guest musicians like Jim Gordon (Derek & The Dominoes), Nick DeCaro (Baja Marimba Band), and Milt Holland, plus long time bandmate greats Red Shea, Terry Clements and Rick Haynes.

This album would go on to become one of the greatest albums in Gordon Lightfoot's significant catalog of recorded music.


Side: 1

  1. Somewhere U.S.A.
  2. High And Dry
  3. Seven Island Suite
  4. Circle Of Steel
  5. Is There Anyone Home

Side: 2

  1. The Watchman's Gone
  2. Sundown
  3. Carefree Highway
  4. The List
  5. Too Late For Prayin'

Label: Friday Music

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