Limited vinyl LP pressing of the timeless 2014 studio album from the enduring legend that is Gong. The band entered yet another new phase on their four-decades-plus journey with I See You, originally released on Madfish in November 2014. I See You was the last album they released before vocalist/lyricist Daevid Allen sadly passed away, and on this album, he radiated incandescent creativity, the original anarchic vibe that was born out of the counter-culture revolution in the Paris Commune in 1968. This line-up of Gong has an impressive, multi-layered and irrepressible sound that created it's own world and then populated it with a series of dazzling musical gems, melodically-rich, lyrically engaging and musically refreshed. I See You is both timeless and timely, a welcome antidote to an increasingly homogenized musical mainstream.

Track List:

1.1 I See You (03:24)
1.2 Occupy (02:51)
1.3 When God Shakes Hands with the Devil (05:36)
1.4 The Eternal Wheel Spins (07:06)
1.5 Syllabub (04:30)
1.6 This Revolution (03:43)
1.7 You See Me (02:37)
1.8 Thank You (10:26)
1.9 Zion My T-Shirt (06:05)
1.10 A Brew of Special Tea (01:18)
1.11 Shakti Yoni ; Dingo Virgin (09:19)

Label: Kscope Import

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