Limited 180gm audiophile vinyl LP pressing. During the years the band was still called Golden Earrings they made a huge progression by releasing their second album 'Winter Harvest'. They were stronger and more ambitious than before and wrote 14 original songs for the album. By trying new things they recorded songs like the soul-influenced 'Smoking Cigarettes', Motown style 'Dream' and the rock 'n' roll hit 'In My House'. Bassist and keyboard player Rinus Gerritsen and guitarist George Kooymans showing their talents and vocalist Frans Krassenburg has been steadily improving his vocal performances. The album stands beside the better-known English acts of the period. The rock band Golden Earring is one of the world's best-known Dutch bands. During the 70's they even made it to the Billboard charts by releasing 'Radar Love'. 57-years later they're still performing and bringing their big hits to large audiences.

Track List:
1.1 Another Man in Town 2:23
1.2 Smoking Cigarettes 2:21
1.3 In My House 3:59
1.4 Don't Wanna Lose That Girl 2:16
1.5 Impeccable Girl 2:16
1.6 Tears and Lies 2:01
1.7 You've Got the Intention to Hurt Me 3:09
1.8 Dream 2:40
1.9 You Break My Heart 2:01
1.10 Baby Don't Make Me Nervous 2:25
1.11 Call Me 2:18
1.12 Happy and Young Together 3:06
1.13 Lionel the Miser 2:30
1.14 There Will Be a Tomorrow 2:18

Label: Music on Vinyl

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