Galactic have made what may be the definitive New Orleans Tribute with YA-KA-MAY, by recognizing this fundamental truth; that all of the town's seemingly disparate styles ? jazz, brass bands and funk as well as the newer bounce/hip hop ? are intrinsically linked.

Track List:
1.1 Friends of Science
1.2 Boe Money
1.3 Double It
1.4 Heart of Steel
1.5 Wild Man
1.6 Bacchus
1.7 Katey Vs. Nobby
1.8 Cineramascope
1.9 Dark Water
1.10 Do It Again
1.11 Liquor Pang
1.12 Krewe D'etat
1.13 You Don't Know
1.14 Speaks His Mind
1.15 Do It Again (Again)

Label: Anti

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