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Bristol UK's the Flatmates were only around for three years (1986-1989) releasing a handful of songs with a a few of them being UK radio hits before disbanding. The band reformed with a new vocalist in 2013 and are now finally releasing a debut LP nearly 30 years after splitting up. Considered one of the bands that created the fuzzed out guitar indiepop band formula along with the Wedding Present.

Track List:

1.1 Shut Up and Kiss Me
1.2 You Held My Heart
1.3 She's So Bad for You
1.4 If You Love Me Let Me Know
1.5 Falling Out of Love
1.6 Do The Angels Care
1.7 The Last Guitar In Town
1.8 This Is Reality
1.9 Can't Get You Out of My Heart
1.10 Something In My Eye
1.11 The Night We Murdered Love
1.12 Punk Moth
1.13 Why Can't it Be Love

Label: HHBTM
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