Comprised of John Darnielle (the Mountain Goats) and Franklin Bruno (Nothing Painted Blue, the Human Hearts) The Extra Lens began as a potential home for any song John wrote that had a) more than three chords or b) a bridge. New songs for the group only happened when John figured he'd written something that Franklin might find clever or amusing, although at least one such song, remembered as "Anti-Witchcraft Song," is lost. Recorded with Brian Paulson and with Mitch Rackin, Undercard is the first Extra Lens record to arrive as a full collaboration between songwriters.

Track List:
1.1 Adultery
1.2 Crusierweights
1.3 Only Existing Footage
1.4 Communicating Doors
1.5 Programmed Cell Death
1.6 How I Left the Ministry
1.7 Some Other Way
1.8 Ambivalent Landscape Z
1.9 In Germany Before the War
1.10 Tug on the Line
1.11 Rockin Rockin Twilight of the Gods
1.12 Dogs of Clinic 17

Label: Merge Records

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