Limited 180gm white vinyl LP pressing. The blending of Don and Phil Everly's voices is truly one of the great sounds of post-war American popular music. Derived from folk and traditional styles brought to the USA via immigrant communities, their seamless vocal harmonies had it's precursors in mid-twentieth century duo/family country music acts such as the Louvin Brothers, Delmore Brothers and many others. The Everlys, however, were able to bring the fraternal harmony approach into the mainstream pop market of the late 1950s by dint of their youth, good looks, and that other, far more elusive quality - timing. Recorded for the Cadence label in Nashville in 1957, their first album The Everly Brothers features the singles "Bye Bye Love" (US # 2, UK # 6) and "Wake Up Little Susie" (US # 1, UK # 2). Issued in a faithful reproduction of the original LP sleeve, the inner sleeve features annotation by Alan Robinson.

Label: Demon Records

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