Don Jamieson - Denim & Laughter (Personalized)


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Don Jamieson - Denim & Laughter (Personalized)

Don Jamieson - Denim & Laughter (Personalized)

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On February 21st, rock & roll comedian Don Jamieson  released his new album, Denim & Laughter, via Metal Blade Records. Former 'That Metal Show' host Jamieson comments: "This album was recorded in front of about 40 hardcore fans in a speakeasy in a secret location in Los Angeles on October 19, 2019. Now the rest of you can enjoy it! I've recorded my stand-up albums in comedy clubs, rock clubs and now an illegal club. Comedy is way more fun when you're at the risk of being raided at any moment! Special thanks to one of my favorite all-time bands, Saxon, for letting me do the comedic version of their classic album 'Denim & Leather'. And I can't wait to tour the U.K. and Europe with their singer, Biff Byford. They follow in a prestigious line of my album cover band parodies...Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin. But of course, the album is not just for rockers, but for all people who like humor with a rock and roll attitude. Comedy is like rock and's no fun if it's not dangerous. And being a comedian on Metal Blade Records makes the whole package complete." 


Track Listing

1. Drinking Buddy, Hipster Jizz & Gluten-Free Keith Richards

2. Miserable Sober, Booze Rehab & Liquid Cocaine

3. Chevy Sativa, a Yankee Candle & Stonehenge

4. The Greatest Country, Wife-Beaters & Aliens

5. Tea Tree Shampoo & Adam Levine's Nipples

6. That Metal Show, Hi-Def Porn & P.C. Bands

7. Alice & Ozzy, Zakk Wylde & Buzztightrear

8. Black Sabbath, Gwar, & a Bloody Good Flight

9. Stone Cold, a Sporty Ford Fusion, Rock out with Your C*ck Out

10. Roast on the Range, She's Only 17

11. Billy Ray, Little League, Prison Time

12. Mounting Mary, Serial Killers, Death by Bus

13. Gorilla Sex, Spitting, Banana Tits

14. Gender Fluid, D.N.A. Test, Anal Fetish

15. Fake News & the Return of the Sporty Ford Fusion



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