Vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve, includes digital download. Dark clouds over California - and everywhere else: DevilDriver teamed up once again with producer Mark Lewis and the Audio Hammer Studios for their seventh opus that is nothing short of sensational! Three years after the lush Winter kills, we bear witness to the birth of a sleek new version of the band in the shape of TRUST NO ONE. An unapologetic title that strengthens the fact that Dez Fafara and co have compressed their energies: the opener 'Testimony Of Truth' isn't simply a catchy masterpiece comfortably nestled in between soaring guitars and massive groove, it also catches up with the band's classic moments! Insidious hooks refine eerie tunes such as 'My Night Sky', but there is always room for hauntingly beautiful epic parts in all this mayhem. These wolves need no sheep's clothing!

Track List:
1.1 Testimony of Truth
1.2 Bad Deeds
1.3 My Night Sky
1.4 This Deception
1.5 Above It All
1.6 Daybreak
1.7 Trust No One
1.8 Feeling Un-God-Ly
1.9 Retribution
1.10 For What It's Worth
1.11 House Divided (Bonus Track)
1.12 Evil on Swift Wings (Bonus Track)

Label: Napalm

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