Limited double 180gm vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Includes digital download. 2018 release from the former Kinks singer/songwriter. This release is the follow-up to his 2017 LP Americana. According to Davies, Our Country: Americana Act II "follows my journey across America; through endless tours not just to reclaim the Kinks' career, but to rediscover the country that offered me my earliest inspirations," Our Country: Americana Act II was preceded by it's first single and opening track "Our Country," a rootsy rocker about Davies' conflicted relationship with America. "This is my country/And I can't believe/That one day I'd want to leave these shores forever," Davies sings on the chorus. "The book [Americana] has got some song references in it and the songs are part of the narrative, so the trick was to get the record to stand up as a record as well as being part of a series," Davies says. "I think people that like the first album understand where it's going. [Our Country] is what happens when you get there."

Track List:

1.1 Our Country 3:14
1.2 The Invaders 2:29
1.3 Back in the Day 2:41
1.4 Oklahoma USA 4:11
1.5 Bringing Up Baby 3:10
2.1 The Getaway 5:24
2.2 The Take 4:59
2.3 We Will Get There 3:47
2.4 The Real World 3:40
2.5 A Street Called Hope 3:22
3.1 The Empty Room 3:20
3.2 Calling Home 2:36
3.3 Louisiana Sky 2:19
3.4 March of the Zombies 2:59
3.5 The Big Weird 3:35
4.1 Tony and Bob 1:10
4.2 The Big Guy 3:33
4.3 Epilogue 1:16
4.4 Muswell Kills 3:19

Label: Sony Legacy

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