Limited vinyl LP pressing. Grave Disorder is a 2001 album from punk rock legends The Damned, their first studio full length since 1995's Not Of This Earth. The album is musically similar to Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible's previous Damned collaboration, Strawberries. It uses a combination of modern sampling and looping ("Absinthe"), gothic rock ("Thrill Kill"), punk rock ("Obscene" and "Amen"), deep gothic piano pieces ("Beauty Of The Beast" and "The End Of Time"), and more traditional pop songs. The song "Lookin' for Action" appeared on the Warped Tour 2002 Tour Compilation. Songs like "W" (about the 2000 election and George W. Bush) have a sound very reminiscent of Britpop (such as the sound they exhibited on Strawberries). "song. Com" offers a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the Internet, while "Democracy?" offers a rebuke of what they see as the futility of democracy and political revolution.

Label: Nitro Records

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