Chris Cornell commemorates his life and legacy not only as a singer, but as a poet and one of the most prolific writers and greatest voices of the modern rock era. Vicky, worked extensively with Chrisà ƒ ƒ ¢ € ™ bandmates and friends to compile a collection of material from the late artistà ƒ ƒ ¢ € ™s expansive career, showcasing his contribution to music history with selections culled from the deep catalogs of his three influential bandsà ƒ ƒ ¢ € ” Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Audioslaveà ƒ ƒ ¢ € ” as well as songs from his solo career. Sh

The first unreleased track, à ƒ ƒ ¢ € œWhen Bad Does Good,à ƒ ƒ ¢ €  was produced, recorded, and mixed by Cornell and was found in his personal recordings archive. The track was a favorite of his and it wasnà ƒ ƒ ¢ € ™t until friend Josh Brolin, reminded Vicky of the unreleased song, that she decided to share it with his fans.

à ƒ ƒ ¢ € œSince Chrisà ƒ ƒ ¢ € ™ sudden passing I have put all my efforts and energy into sharing his music and legacy with his fans from all over the world,à ƒ ƒ ¢ €  says Vicky. à ƒ ƒ ¢ € œI felt we needed to create a special collection to represent all of him - the friend, husband and father, the risk taker and innovator, the poet and artist. His soaring vocals found their way into the hearts and souls of so many. His voice was his vision and his words were his peace. This album is for his fans.à ƒ ƒ ¢ € 

The breadth of all 17 selections on Chris Cornell display the full span of his artistic achievements, from the full-on kick of Soundgardenà ƒ ƒ ¢ € ™s seminal à ƒ ƒ ¢ € œBlack Hole Sunà ƒ ƒ ¢ €  to the mournful yearning of Temple of the Dogà ƒ ƒ ¢ € ™s à ƒ ƒ ¢ € œHunger Strikeà ƒ ƒ ¢ €  to the sensitive depth of Audioslaveà ƒ ƒ ¢ € ™s à ƒ ƒ ¢ € œLike A Stoneà ƒ ƒ ¢ €  to his spot-on solo theme to the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale, à ƒ ƒ ¢ € œYou Know My Name.à ƒ ƒ ¢ €  This collection also contains a pair of unreleased recordings: a touching cover of Princeà ƒ ƒ ¢ € ™s à ƒ ƒ ¢ € œNothing Compares 2 Uà ƒ ƒ ¢ €  that was cut live at Sir


  • 2 x 180 gram audiophile black LPs
  • 17 tracks highlighting Chrisà ƒ ƒ ¢ € ™ astonishing career with 2 unreleased recordings
  • 12-page booklet with unreleased photos
  • Liner notes by Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, Tom Morello, Mike McCready and Brendan Oà ƒ ƒ ¢ € ™Brien

Track List:

Side A:
1. Loud Love [Soundgarden]
2. Outshined [Soundgarden]
3. Hunger Strike [Temple Of The Dog]
4. Seasons
Side B:
1. Black Hole Sun [Soundgarden]
2. Can't Change Me
3. Like A Stone [Audioslave]
4. Be Yourself [Audioslave]
Side C:
1. You Know My name
2. Billie Jean
3. Long Gone (Rock Version)
4. Call Me A Dog (Live Acoustic)
5. Been Away Too Long [Soundgarden]
Side D:
1. Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart
2. Nothing Comes 2 U (Live At Sirius XM)*
3. The Promise
4. When Bad Does Good*

*previously unreleased

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