Chrome Castle take the groovy sounds of '60s garage stomp, '80s college rock, cosmic country and gently shimmering psychedelia and strip out the vocal chords, rendering instrumental concoctions that are expressive in their simple ways, ultimately leaving the meaning up to the listener... The Atlanta quartet's self-titled debut offers a dozen snappy excursions into wide open soundtracks. Employing copious reverb, they're neither Surf nor Spaghetti Western, but there are vague touches here and there along with everything else. - Jeff Clark, Stomp and Stammer

Track List:
1.1 Put Your Suitcase Down
1.2 Speed Devil
1.3 Rook
1.4 Sunday Chrome
1.5 Self-Edits
1.6 Western Starlight Cinema
1.7 Modern Houses
1.8 Dance Hall Ruffian
1.9 Parlors
1.10 Universal Monsters
1.11 False Corners
1.12 Rabbit Lazy

Label: Midnight Cruiser Rec

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