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How did Billy come to be? Holed away in the distant inter tidal marshland of mid-Seventies Kent, breaking rocks in the hot sun as a teenage dockland stonemason, undiagnosed dyslexia and general insubordination denying him the educational path he might have taken, Childish took the punk gospel Malcolm McLaren and the Sex Pistols preached in 1976 as revealed scriptural truth. Forty-two years later Childish is the last man standing, the most enduring, uncorrupted and prolific of the class of '77. And some heroic fool has now tried to sum him up in a mere forty-eight songs, from the thousand or so he has recorded. This compilation provides tiny tasters of each of Childish's phases, and some snippets of short-lived side-projects too. Administered correctly, it will make an addict of you. You have been warned. Here's a field guide to the many faces of Billy Childish

Track List:

1.1 Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Live)
1.2 Kray Twins (Demo)
1.3 Love Can Lose
1.4 I'm Out of Control
1.5 You Make Me Die
1.6 The Double Axe
1.7 Come Into My Life
1.8 Cowboys Are Square
1.9 I Feel Like Giving in
1.10 Brimful of Hate
1.11 Davey Crocket
1.12 Girl from '62
1.13 All My Feelings Denied
1.14 Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot
1.15 An Image of You
1.16 Evil Thing
1.17 Wild Man
1.18 Hurt Me
1.19 I'm Hurtin'
2.1 Step Out
2.2 Upside Mine
2.3 I Don't Like the Man I Am
2.4 Muscle Horse
2.5 This Wondrous Day
2.6 Rum and Coca Cola
2.7 Mr Hitler
2.8 Archive from 1959
2.9 Troubled Mind
2.10 Unable to See the Good
2.11 Strood Lights
2.12 The Man with the Gallows Eyes
2.13 The Angel of Death
2.14 Medway Wheelers
2.15 You Piss Me Off
3.1 Joe Strummer's Grave
3.2 Snack Crack
3.3 Christmas 1979
3.4 Polygraph Test
3.5 We Spartan Dreggs (Be Fine)
3.6 Headlong Fly the Achaeans
3.7 A Shropshire Lad
3.8 A Song for Kylie Minogue
3.9 In a Parallel World
3.10 Something's Missing Inside
3.11 All Our Forts Are with You
3.12 Cadillac
3.13 It's So Hard to Be Happy
3.14 CTMF

Label: Damaged Goods
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