The Cardboard Swords, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, know how to write a good pop song. Led by singer/guitarist Tyler DeCoeur, their indie-pop anthems ooze sincerity and honesty, with Decoeur's witty half-speaking/half-singing delivery slipping in and out of melodic guitars and sliding tempos. Whether it's singing about the looking for the love of your life or a late-night hang with your friends, The Cardboard Swords are the modern young everyman - proving that writing what you know will connect with a much larger audience. An audience that feels every word and belts out every song as it quickly becomes the soundtrack of their life. A strong debut album by a premiere talent.

Track List:

1.1 (S)He Said
1.2 Brian's Song
1.3 Flannel
1.4 Exit 47A
1.5 Cardigan
1.6 Your Dad Is Kirk Hammet
1.7 A Year from Now
1.8 Nickels
1.9 I Swear I'm Usually Pretty Good at This
1.10 Remnants

Label: Count Your Lucky

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