Limited double 180gm colored vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve. The black, white and red 1964 Volvo B63508, lovingly referred to as the "Bullet Bus", with it's indestructible six-cylinder engine and countless miles under it's frayed seats, the band's mobile hotel. Mind you: perhaps hotel isn't quite the operative word, (youth) hostel would be more to the point, the van's interior having accumulated an attractive odour composed of petrol, sweat, beer and a diverse range of tobacco blends in it's interior. "In the years that we've been travelling from show to show in our van and have visited countless festivals, our Bullet Bus has never let us down," guitarist Hampus Klang phrases a kind of declaration of love to the vintage vehicle that features on the cover of the group's latest album Dust To Gold for a good reason. "The Volvo has more than earned it's place on the front cover, because in it's own way it's just like we are: hard as nails, resilient and full of priceless memories."

Track List:
1.1 Speed and Attack
1.2 Ain't Enough
1.3 Rogue Soldier
1.4 Fuel the Fire
1.5 One More Round
1.6 Highway Love
1.7 Wildfire
1.8 Screams in the Night
1.9 Forever Rise
1.10 The Prophecy
1.11 Hollow Grounds
1.12 Dust to Gold

Label: Steamhammer

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