On Brujeria's first new album in 16 years, Pocho Aztlan, Juan Brujo and his backing band of extreme-metal superstars saw off tributes to Pablo Escobar ("Plata O Plomo"), recount exotic narco-tales of drug drops gone wrong ("Isla de la Fantacia") and even carve out a customized cover of the Dead Kennedys classic "California uberAlles" ("California uber Aztlan"). Elsewhere, Brujo brings his trademark levity to bear on "Culpan La Mujer" ("Blame The Woman"), a send-up of old-school Mexican machismo. "A lot of Brujeria songs are true stories," Brujo says. "And if they haven't happened yet, they will happen." Pocho Aztlan features Brujo (vocals), Fantasma (vocals, bass), Hongo (guitar, drum programming), El Cynico (bass, guitar, vocals), Hongo Jr. (drums), Pinche Peach (vocals, samples), Pititis (female vocals). A Kuerno (guitar), Sangron (backup vocals) and Guero III (backup vocals).

Track List:

1.1 Pocho Aztlan
1.2 No Aceptan Imitaciones
1.3 Profecia Del Anticristo
1.4 Angel de la Frontera
1.5 Plata O Plomo
1.6 Satongo
1.7 Isla de la Fantasia
1.8 Bruja-
1.9 Mexico Campeon
1.10 Codigos
1.11 Debilador
1.12 California uber Aztlan

Label: Nuclear Blast Americ

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