BON JOVI - 2020 Vinyl LP
BON JOVI - 2020 Vinyl LP

BON JOVI - 2020 Vinyl LP


180g Gold Vinyl Double LP!

2020 is the 15th studio album from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band. The album features the single "Limitless" as well as "Unbroken", which was featured in the documentary "To Be Of Service". The album releases a little less than a month in front of their US arena tour. Double LP pressed on 180-gram gold vinyl.


Side A:

  1. Limitless

  2. Do What You Can

  3. American Reckoning

Side B:

  1. Beautiful Drug

  2. The Story Of Love

  3. Let It Rain

Side C:

  1. Lower The Flag

  2. Blood In The Water

  3. Brothers In Arms

Side D:

  1. Unbroken

  2. Shine (Bonus Track)

  3. Luv Can (Bonus Track)

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