Double 'cactus green' vinyl LP pressing. Demon Records is proud to present a new series of vinyl reissues from American singer-songwriter Black Francis/Frank Black. Christmas is a collection of acoustic performances from Frank Black's 2006 US solo tour. Recorded both live on stage and in hotel rooms whilst on the road, the album includes tracks from across Black's career. Highlights include stripped back renditions of Pixies' classics 'Where Is My Mind?', 'Cactus' and 'Wave Of Mutilation' along with 'I Burn Today', 'Bullet' and 'Nadine' from Black's solo albums.

Track List:
1.1 (Do What You Want) Gyaneshwar
1.2 Bullet
1.3 I Burn Today
1.4 Wave Of Mutilation
1.5 Living On Soul
1.6 She's My Way
1.7 Massif Central
1.8 Where Is My Mind?
1.9 Raiderman
1.10 Demon Girl
1.11 Dead Man's Curve
2.1 Cactus
2.2 Six Sixty Six
2.3 Radio Lizards
2.4 Don't Get Me Wrong
2.5 All Around The World
2.6 Nadine
2.7 Manitoba
2.8 The Water
2.9 Outakes / Song Of The Shrimp

Label: Demon/Edsel

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