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Temporary Residence Ltd. Is proud to present the re-mastered and repackaged reissue of the legendary Bitch Magnet's seminal and critically acclaimed three albums ? Star Booty, Umber, and Ben Hur. The deluxe 3xLP/3xCD package include all three albums, plus more than a half dozen rare and previously unreleased tracks, a total of 34 songs, re-mastered from the original, restored analog master tapes. Bitch Magnet was formed at Oberlin College in 1986.

Track List:

1.1 Dragoon
1.2 Valmead
1.3 Ducks and Drakes
1.4 Mesentery
1.5 Lookin' at the Devil
1.6 Gator
1.7 Spite y Malice
1.8 Crescent
1.9 White Piece of Bread
1.10 Sadie
2.1 Motor
2.2 Navajo Ace
2.3 Clay
2.4 Joan of Arc
2.5 Douglas Leader
2.6 Goat-Legged Country God
2.7 Big Pining
2.8 Joyless Street
2.9 Punch and Judy
2.10 Americruiser
2.11 Motor [Alternate Mix] [Alternate Take]
3.1 Punch and Judy [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take]
3.2 Joan of Arc [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take]
3.3 Big Pining [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take]
3.4 Joyless Street [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take]
3.5 Sadie [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take]
3.6 Carnation
3.7 C Word
3.8 Sea of Pearls
3.9 Hatpins
3.10 Knucklehead
3.11 Circle K
3.12 Polio
3.13 Cantaloupe

Label: Temporary Residence
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