Veteran Canadian punks Billy Talent have released their first anthology in the form of 2014's Hits. Since signing with Warner Bros. In 2002, they've released four studio albums, a pair of live albums, and several EPs, earning them much success in North America and abroad. This 14-track greatest-hits album features 12 of their best-known tracks from their first four albums, as well as the new tracks "Kingdom of Zod" and "Chasing the Sun," which are only available on Hits.

Track List:
1.1 Try Honesty
1.2 River Below
1.3 Nothing To Lose
1.4 Devil In A Midnight Mass
1.5 Red Flag
1.6 Fallen Leaves
1.7 Surrender
2.1 Devil On My Shoulder
2.2 Rusted From The Rain
2.3 Viking Death March
2.4 Surprise Surprise
2.5 Stand Up And Run
2.6 Kingdom Of Zod
2.7 Chasing The Sun
3.1 Devil On My Shoulder
3.2 Rusted From The Rain
3.3 Viking Death March
4.1 Surprise Surprise
4.2 Stand Up And Run
4.3 Kingdom Of Zod
4.4 Chasing The Sun

Label: WEA

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