Vinyl LP pressing. Big Search: It means always looking. Slow Fascination: It means learning slow. Produced by Rob Barbato (Kevin Morby, Girlpool, Cass McCombs) at Comp'NY studio in Glendale, CA, the album is an evocative examination of experiences. The album is audibly set in L.A., where Popieluch has lived for 14 years. The city - forever spinning in a seasonless time warp, invisibly hurtling toward some unnamed singularity - can mess with your head. Matt Popieluch's history is peppered with musically diverse endeavors - from fronting Foreign Born to playing with Cass McCombs, Sky Ferreira, Fool's Gold and Papercuts among others - evidence of his distinguished skill as a player. Notable collaborators on his new album speak to the distinction he's earned. Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste, The Shins' James Mercer and Kacey Johansing among others make fervent contributions to an already lively collection. On the album cover, Popieluch sits among waves of fog rolling over Mt. Tamalpais, his hat pulled snug over his eyes - perhaps reality's glare is too blinding in that moment. But on Slow Fascination, the singer finds refuge, peace among the madness.

Track List:
1.1 Slow Motion Train - 4:11
1.2 'Til the Day Is Done - 3:06
1.3 Here Comes the Night - 3:43
1.4 Lave Anew - 4:19
1.5 Stillness in the Air - 3:57
1.6 Wire Walker - 3:36
1.7 What to Say - 4:33
1.8 Windowpane - 4:06
1.9 Busy Getting Lost - 3:27
1.10 Good People Round - 3:12

Label: 30th Century Records

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