Double vinyl LP pressing. 2013 release, the first-ever collaboration between Italian bassist-composer Lorenzo Feliciati (Naked Truth) and Italian vocalist-multi-instrumentalist-sonic provocateur Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (AKA LEF) defies easy categorization as it awakens the senses. At times darker than the Grim Reaper and heavier than the soundtrack for the Apocalypse, it can turn on a dime and swing insistently, or wail mournfully, or float mysteriously.

Track List:
1.1 Macabre Dance
1.2 Fetal Claustrophobia
1.3 Blow
1.4 Not Dead
1.5 Clairvoyance
2.1 First
2.2 Dream Made of Wind
2.3 Nothing to Say
2.4 Latent Prints
2.5 Dream Made of Water

Label: Rarenoise Records

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