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First ever vinyl pressing of Raconteurs co-leader Brendan Benson's debut album. Melodically crafted power pop that Brendan spent his early years writing, arranging and recording these gems, hunched over his Tascam 4-track in various bedrooms across Detroit and San Francisco. One Mississippi is the first time Brendan went in to a studio to record his very personal songs and present them to us with a full band. A lost masterpiece that gave us a taste of what we had to look forward to.Years before 'Detroit' was the first word on the lips of taste-fakers, hype-stokers, scene-stealers and fame-lords the world over, Brendan Benson's sheep-in-wolves' clothing debut album 'One Mississippi' was the unassuming first shot fired from the city and players that would soon become feted beyond their wildest imagination.From the gallant album-opener 'Tea' (a song which particularly resonated with Japanese fans, of whom hundreds excitedly sent him fan mail containing tea bags) through the propulsive swell of 'Sittin' Pretty' and the undeniable 'hit' of 'Crosseyed' to the quirky 'Insects Rule' (which was jammed on live by Foo Fighters?!?!?)... Benson's craft is fully on display here. With half the songs here cowritten by the estimable Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, Beck), the end result is an unabashed pop album, accentuated by Brendan's brilliant turn of phrase and preternatural ear for a melody. The album also stands out as the first full-length project helmed by venerated super-producer Ethan Johns (Paul McCartney, Kings of Leon) with 'One Mississippi' serving as a unifying point in the careers of Johns, Benson and Falkner that found them all mutually ascendant.Twenty-three years after it's initial release, the Third Man Records reissue of 'One Mississippi' is the FIRST-EVER vinyl pressing of this seminal album.

Track List:

1.1 Tea 1:08
1.2 Bird's Eye View 1:28
1.3 Sittin' Pretty 2:53
1.4 I'm Blessed 3:00
1.5 Crosseyed 4:22
1.6 Me Just Purely 2:44
1.7 Got No Secrets 3:22
1.8 How 'Bout You 3:02
1.9 Emma J 3:49
1.10 Insects Rule 3:08
1.11 Maginary Girl 3:06
1.12 House in Virginia 3:49
1.13 Cherries 3:19

Label: Third Man Records
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