Vinyl LP. Loud grunge and emo collide for a killer final album by Basement. Released in 2012, Basement went on tour to promote the album "Colour me in kindness" and announced shortly that they would split for good. The breakup is a shame because this album has 10 solid songs that speak to their fan base in the U.K. (where they are from) and the even larger U.S. audience that was just getting into them. The songs on this album include "Whole," "Covet," "Spoiled," "Pine," "Bad apple," "Breathe," "Control," "Black," "Comfort" and "Wish." It is hot with the double guitar threat of Ronan Crix and Alex Henery, bassist Duncan Stewart, drummer James Fisher and singer Andrew Fisher.

Track List:
1.1 Whole
1.2 Covet
1.3 Spoiled
1.4 Pine
1.5 Badapple
1.6 Breathe
1.7 Control
1.8 Black
1.9 Comfort
1.10 Wish

Label: Run for Cover

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