Kansas City's beloved singer/songwriter, harpist, and multi-instrumentalist, CALVIN ARSENIA, releases CANTALOUPE, an album celebrating independence, love, sensuality, and wit. Shamelessly blending soul, pop, classical, and folk musical styles, Arsenia woos these sometimes disheveled orchestrations into a surrealist dreamworld where romance is king and transparency is queen. CANTALOUPE features 9 original tracks including the entrancing and empowering "HEADLIGHTS," as well as a version of Britney Spears' "TOXIC" that will engulf you head to toe.

Track List:

1.1 Headlights
1.2 Tip Toe
1.3 Equally
1.4 Back to You
1.5 Toxic
1.6 Doomed
1.7 The Game
1.8 Palaces
1.9 Poseidon
1.10 Cantaloupe

Label: Bullseye Records

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