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Alice Cooper School's Out (180 Gram Vinyl/Limited Edition/Die-Cut Desk Cover & Panties Vinyl LP

Alice Cooper School's Out (180 Gram Vinyl/Limited Edition/Die-Cut Desk Cover & Panties Vinyl LP

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The panties will be pink or white. They will be shipped randomly 

LP will be in a protective sleeve

Handling production chores along with producer Bob Ezrin, Alice Cooper and his legendary band (Michael Bruce-guitar/keys, Glen Buxton-lead guitar, Neal Smith-drums and Dennis Dunaway-bass) truly recorded one of the finest hard rock albums ever.

Featuring hard rock smashes like the top hit single “School’s Out” and amazing Lp tracks like “My Stars” “Blue Turk” and “Public Animal #9”, it is easy to see why this sailed to the upper rungs of the sales and radio charts.

Even more masterful cuts like “Luney Tune” and the theatrical “Grand Finale” make this album one of the most enduring albums in Alice Cooper’s astonishing catalog of hit albums.

Impeccably mastered from the original Warner Music tapes by Joe Reagoso (Alice Cooper/David Bowie/Deep Purple) at Friday Music Studios, we believe this is the definitive-sounding version of this monumental collection and will be one of the more anticipated audiophile releases of the summer.

Originally packaged in a very clever die-cut gatefold cover, that opens up into a desk, with a pair of paper panties, this was one of the most hip album packages of all time. This uniquely original album cover package has been out of print for decades......that is until now!

The original album cover (designed by Craig Braun) had the sleeve opening in the manner of a wooden school desk, similar to Thinks: School Stinks, by Hotlegs, released two years earlier. The vinyl record inside was wrapped in a pair of panties, though this was later discontinued as the paper panties were found to be flammable. 


  1. School's Out
  2. Luney Tune
  3. Gutter Cat Vs. The Jets
  4. Street Fight
  5. Blue Turk
  6. My Stars
  7. Public Animal #9
  8. Alma Mater
  9. Grande Finale

Label: Friday Music

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