Vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 2018 release from the singer, songwriter and guitar prodigy. Thomas Abban proves to be an artist of the highest caliber on the bluesy rock of A Sheik's Legacy. Quite versatile, Thomas Abban creates an entire journey over the course of the album, allowing things to get real wild. Nimble and quick on his feet, Thomas Abban ensures that things veer through with an unquenchable yearning that informs the entirety of the album. A series of phenomenal twists and turns take shape while everything draws from a wide array of styles, going from hard rock to funk with the greatest of ease. A Sheik's Legacy features the tracks "Death Song" and "Sinner."

Track List:
1.1 Death Song
1.2 Symmetry ; Black Tar
1.3 Fear
1.4 Aladdin
2.1 Time to Think
2.2 Horizons
2.3 Sinner
2.4 Don't You Stay the Same
3.1 Let Me Tell You Something
3.2 Irene
3.3 Lord
4.1 Uh
4.2 Echo
4.3 Black Water
4.4 Born of Fire

Label: RCA

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