The Hold Steady - Open Door Policy Vinyl LP

The Hold Steady - Open Door Policy Vinyl LP


Ships 2/19/21

Open Door Policy is The Hold Steady's 8th studio album and will be released via their own label, Positive Jams, in association with Thirty Tigers. The band recorded Open Door Policy in two different sessions in the back half of 2019. Once again teaming up with producer Josh Kaufman and engineer Dan Goodwin at the Clubhouse studio in upstate NY. Their intention was to create an album that worked as a grand piece, rather than a collection of songs.

1. The Feelers
2. Spices
3. Lanyards
4. Family Farm
5. Unpleasant Breakfast
6. Heavy Covenant
7. The Prior Procedure
8. Riptown
9. Me & Magdalena
10. Hanover Camera

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