Rides Again

Sonic Flower - Rides Again Vinyl LP


Ships 2/19/21

LP version. Orange/blue vinyl with an alternative orange cover. All the tracks on Sonic Flower's Rides Again album are unreleased studio material recorded after the first album came out in 2005. At that time the band members had some troubles during recording, so after the recording sessions they broke up. These tracks were sleeping in the vault for more than fifteen years. The music is a mixture of psychedelic groove, rock, funk, and doom metal. For fans of Cactus, Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, Sir Load Baltimore, Captain Beyond, Meters, Graham Central Station, and Funkadelic. On the album, you can find four original songs plus two cover tracks: "Earthquake" from Graham Central Station and "Stay Away" from Meters.

1. Super Witch
2. Black Sheep
3. Jungle Cruise
4. Captain Frost
5. Stay Away (Meters Cover)
6. Quicksand Planet
7. Earthquake (Graham Central Station Cover)

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