Sexores - Salamanca Vinyl LP


Ships 2/19/21

Salamanca, the fifth and darkest moment in Sexores discography, is a journey through the different passages of its sound history. The Mexico-based duo creates a tribute to all the witches who were persecuted and serves as an introduction to various types of magic. The lyrics are the result of an exhaustive investigation that collects elements of folklore from various parts of the planet and absorbs an unusual power and meaning when music enters some darker passages explored by the band in collaboration with various female Latin American artists: a mixture of darkwave, dream pop, poetry, magic, and sound experimentation. Salamanca is a kind of pagan fest, a coven, and a celebration for the ten years of the band's career. For the most part, free software was used on the album's production process avoiding the implicit restrictions when using proprietary software and seeking technological independence within a work that seeks freedom as the main objective. Cover art by Amy Haslehurst. Edition of 300.

1. Aqueronte
2. Volantia
3. Decretism
4. Hannya
5. Posism + Tiraclaurism
6. Nos lo dijo la serpiente
7. Crapaud
8. The Depressing Sounds of the Witch
9. Death by Burning
10. Mistress of the Marble
11. Lámpades
12. Madre
13. Salamanca

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