Doll Revolution

Bangles - Doll Revolution Vinyl LP


Ships 4/2/21

The Bangles are one of the greatest all-girl bands in rock history, renowned for their songwriting, harmonies, and chops...yet Doll Revolution, one of their best records, has never seen a widespread vinyl release to general music retail. That's because it fell into that late '90s/early 2000s gap when vinyl was considered dead (ha)! Now, with the full support of the band, Real Gone Music brings Doll Revolution to its rightful format with a white vinyl pressing. A 2-LP set brought to you in sumptuous gatefold packaging with insert. Features one of our favorite Bangles songs, 'Ride the Ride!'

1.1 Tear Off Your Own Head (It’s a Doll Revolution)
1.2 Stealing Rosemary
1.3 Something That You Said
1.4 Ask Me No Questions
1.5 The Rain Song
1.6 Nickel Romeo
1.7 Ride the Ride
2.1 I Will Take Care of You
2.2 Here Right Now
2.3 Single by Choice
2.4 Lost at Sea
2.5 Song for a Good Son
2.6 Mixed Messages
2.7 Between the Two
2.8 Grateful

Label: Real Gone Music

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