War's Greatest Hits 2.0 is the definitive best of WAR and the perfect expansion of the 1976 Greatest Hits album. Featuring selections from the band's origin backing Eric Burdon to hitmakers on their own, this collection captures highlights from 50 years of the "original street band."

The songs showcase the band's versatility and evolution over the years; from early favorites like "Spill The Wine" (inspired by Lonnie Jordan accidentally spilling wine all over the studio's mixing board) and "Slippin Into Darkness" to multi-generational favorites "Gypsy Man" and "The World Is A Ghetto" to cultural anthems "Don't Let No One Get You Down" and "So" to smash hits "Low Rider", "Cisco Kid" and "Why Can't We Be Friends?", this collection is for everybody.


Side A:

  1. Spill The Wine - By Eric Burdon & WAR
  2. Tobacco Road - By Eric Burdon & WAR
  3. All Day Music
  4. Get Down
  5. Slippin' Into Darkness

Side B:

  1. The World Is A Ghetto
  2. The Cisco Kid
  3. Gypsy Man
  4. Me And Baby Brother
  5. Why Can't We Be Friends?

Side C:

  1. Low Rider
  2. So
  3. Don't Let No One Get You Down
  4. Smile Happy
  5. Summer

Side D:

  1. L.A. Sunshine
  2. Galaxy
  3. Cinco De Mayo
  4. You Got The Power
  5. Outlaw

Label: Rhino

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