White Rabbit 7" by Jefferson Airplane - LIMITED EDITION

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Get White Rabbit, Jefferson Airplane's iconic 1967 release in LIMITED EDITION psychedelic swirl colored vinyl.

One day in 1966, Grace Slick was at her home in Marin County, California, coming down from an epic acid trip. The Jefferson Airplane front woman—who was a member of the San Francisco group Great Society at the time—had spent the last 24-hours in a mind-altering world, where she listened to Miles Davis' 'Sketches of Spain' on constant repeat. So when her LSD began to wear off, Slick was determined to sit down at her piano and hammer out a tune inspired by that experience.

In the fifty years since its release, "White Rabbit" has become a cultural touchstone in America and a rallying cry for the counterculture and pro-drug movements. But for Slick, she had intended it to be more than just an anthem to the pleasures of expanding your mind with drugs. "White Rabbit" also stressed the importance of education and following one's own muse.


Product Details:

  • Limited edition exclusive pressing of 750

  • Psychedelic swirl colored vinyl

  • Weight: 180g

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