Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. The original LP art is restored by IR's Tom Vadakan and the old-style, 'tip-on, brown-in' LP jacket is printed by Stoughton and features super deluxe red foil accents on the front cover. Intervention Records is thrilled to announce The Flying Burrito Bros. Classic 1970 sophomore effort Burrito Deluxe on vinyl. Burrito Deluxe is the second and final hot Burrito made while the band was still led by former Byrds member Gram Parsons. The Flying Burrito Bros. Are widely viewed as the inventors of country rock and are one of the most influential bands of all time. Burrito Deluxe is another classic full of great tunes written and sung by Parsons and Hillman. 'This is a skillful, lightweight folk-rock blend, enlivening the tempos and themes of the country music whose usages it honors.' -Robert Christgau.

Track List:

1.1 Lazy Days 02:58
1.2 Image of Me 03:20
1.3 High Fashion Queen 02:05
1.4 If You Gotta Go 01:47
1.5 Man in the Fog 02:30
1.6 Farther Along 03:58
1.7 Older Guys 02:30
1.8 Cody, Cody 02:43
1.9 God's Own Singer 02:04
1.10 Down in the Churchyard 02:19
1.11 Wild Horses 06:20

Label: Intervention Records

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