Slumber parties, pastel gowns, and candy are not the things of Xiu Xiu‘s world. And yet, the experimental noise-pop pioneers helmed by Jamie Stewart have found a perfect balance of benign and bizarre in their new music video for “Wondering.” The lead single off Xiu Xiu’s latest LP FORGET, “Wondering” is an irresistible pop song – albeit an unconventional one. In a way, “Wondering” encapsulates the broad emotional scope Xiu Xiu can summon in a four-minute track. What commences with a driving and somber beat bursts into a glittering, high altitude chorus. Melancholy never sounded so catchy; despair never inspired so much dancing.

Directed by Xiu Xiu’s own Angela Seo, the video for “Wondering” is as much a melange of creepy and sweet as the song itself. Left to the confines of a crisp white hotel room, the band revel in the delights of candy cigarettes, popping brightly-colored balloons, and jumping on beds doused in baby powder. It’s all fun and games – until somebody gets hot candle wax poured in their palm. Kids these days.