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  • Sir Elton John’s Top Ten Live Moments.

    10) “TAKE ME TO THE PILOT”–BBC, 1970 An early live recording showcasing John’s dynamic skill as a performer, nailing every note sung and key struck. A live band complete with guitar, drums, a string section and a trio of back-up singers fill out the session. 9) “DON’T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME”–w/GEORGE MICHAEL, […]

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  • Welcome To Experience Vinyl.

    Welcome to Experience Vinyl, the only record club curated by iconic musicians.  We want to bring you vinyl, yes, but not just any old vinyl.  Each month, we partner with an esteemed artist and ask them about their 10 favorite records of all time.  They provide a list, and you get their favorite album ever, […]

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