Our Story.

In 2014, guitarist and songwriter Brad Hammonds started a blog called Desert Albums. The site was based on that age-old premise: if you were stranded forever and could only listen to 10 records for the rest of your solitary life, which ones would keep you company? Hammonds first asked his friends – other touring musicians – what their selections would be. The enthusiasm he was met with was astonishing… they loved doing this. Artists like Vernon Reid went above and beyond. The Rolling Stone Top 100 guitarist initially gave Hammonds four separate lists of records, before eventually settling on his final 10.

Two years and many lists later, Hammonds and partner Jake Fishbein are bringing this same principle to your turntable. Experience Vinyl is a different kind of record club. A longtime audiophile, Hammonds dreamed of a vinyl subscription service in which iconic artists handpicked not only records, but the records they couldn’t live without.

Who better to send you great music each month than artists themselves? Who else could be more caring and impassioned about their influences, what records had the biggest impact on their career, or what bands they love now?

Vinyl is so much more than just a record. It is an experience – something tactile, something analog in a digital world. It slows us down. We find ourselves reading the liner notes, inspecting the grooves, and listening to an album in full once again.

Introducing Experience Vinyl.

Our Team.

  • Founder- Hammonds is founder of Footnote Records, Experience Vinyl, and a professional musician. He’s worked in the music industry for over 20 years, released several albums, placed songs in films and television, and has toured throughout the US and internationally as a guitarist/songwriter. He is co-member, songwriter and guitarist of Hannah Gill and the Hours. He recently, founded Experience Vinyl, a vinyl club that partner with music icons who choose the albums they cant live without. Experience Vinyl curators include Sir Elton John, Brian Wilson, Quincy Jones, Carlos Santana, and more.

  • Co-Founder- Jake Fishbein is an entrepreneur, writer, non-profit & small business consultant, and the general manager of Footnote Records. Prior to EV, Fishbein was the project coordinator at Jonathan Marder + Company, a boutique public relations and marketing firm in New York City.

  • Partner- Marty Maidenberg began his career at PolyGram Records in 1986. Since then he’s worked for Epic Records/Sony Music, S-Curve Records, Joss Stone, and Sir Elton John. Now, Maidenberg runs musicconsultant.com. Recent clients include Sting, Carrie Underwood, Sarah Brightman, David Duchovny, AWOLNation, Jim Brickman, and The Tenors.